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Smell the Coffee: Giving good gifts isn’t that hard  – Life – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –

My wife is a southerner and we just love Charleston….now we love it a little more.  Thank you Karen Fuller of the Charleston Gazette for writing this great article on thoughtful gifts.  RonWear has a great donation program.  If you don’t know anyone personally who is undergoing chemo or dialysis treatment, you can donate an outfit “secret Santa” style to someone in needs.  Visit for all the details.

Happy Holidays to all,

Bill Smith, CEO RonWear Port-able Clothing


Smell the Coffee: Giving good gifts isn’t that hard  – Life – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –.

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Mission: Small Business Accomplished!

Last evening Chase hosted an event at Severance Hall in Cleveland for their private clients and RonWear was one of their honored guests.  This year, RonWear was one of the 12 recipients of Chases Mission: Small Business grant;  a community initiative that provides grant money to small, entrepreneurial endeavors that show great promise. Deb Stanzak the owner and founder of RonWear was invited to talk about our company’s entrepreneurial journey.

Every entrepreneurial endeavor takes a lot of people to make it successful.  From RonWears inception we have been fortunate to have many who have donated their time, their contacts, their support, their ideas, and most importantly their money.  The money requirements of a startup remind me of the constant refrain of Audrey II the mysterious plant in the movie, Little Shop of Horrors…”feed me, feed me, feed me” .  This perfectly describes the cash flow needs of a young growing business like RonWear.

We will be forever grateful for the Chase Mission: Small Business grant.  It “fed us” when we needed cash nourishment to grow our business.  Far beyond the money it provided us with access to very talented people like Jim Guither and his staff. They have provided counsel, networking connections, public relations support and much, much more.

Through the visibility Chase provided we were given homepage positioning on Yahoo over Black Friday.  This resulted in one of our largest traffic and sales day in our history.  Through the credibility of the grant we were able to attract another investor.  Each day a new door opens as a result of our association with Chase.

If you are a young company, Chase makes a great partner.  They nurture, support and help grow companies.  They understand the impact small businesses have on the growth of the economy.  Through their Mission:Small Business they are demonstrating their understanding and support of this vital segment of business ownership.  As the COO of RonWear I want to personally thank everyone at Chase for their innovative thinking and actions and for giving us the honor of being one of the first recipients of their Small Business grants.

Give them a call?  You won’t regret it.

Bill Smith, COO RonWear

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Robin Roberts is Going to Beat the Battle of MDS

Robin Roberts in RonWear Port-able Clothing
Robin Roberts was wearing a RonWear treatment outfit as she left the hospital.

Robin Roberts is a fighter and is showing the same courage in her fight against MDS as she did with breast cancer.  She is bringing light to the importance of donors since she was fortunate enough to have a sister who is an excellent match.   This greatly improves her chances for a cure.   Many people don’t have someone that is willing or able to give an organ.  Robin is encouraging everyone to sign up on a donor registry like  All of us at RonWear encourage you as well.  Join the movement and be a part of the solution…..register today.

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Brothers Dying Wish Granted!

Brothers Dying Wish

RonWear Port-able Clothing started as a wish from a brother with renal failure to a clothing line for dialysis and kidney patients. We recently had the good fortune to be featured on Yahoo’s front page banner. Thank you Yahoo for making this dream come true to many other patients suffering from this challenging disease. All of us at RonWear are dedicated to making the discomfort of the treatment room more manageable with our line of treatment clothing. To order go to

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RonWear Wins Mission:Small Business Grant



This post was published on after we won our Grant.  We could not have said it any better so we are republishing the writeup.  I encourage anyone starting a small business or in need of capital to support the Chase community and Living Social.  They support startups!

The Article:

Thanks to everyone who supported local businesses through the Mission: Small Business℠ program, sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial. Nearly 70,000 businesses participated and 3.1 million consumers voted.

We received many inspiring and creative applications from businesses across the U.S. and after a tough decision process, we are pleased to announce the twelve grant recipients! The small businesses listed below have been awarded $250,000 each, for a total of $3 million -funds that will allow them to grow and continue benefitting their customers, communities, and America.

Grant Recipients

Bright Power

New York, NY

Ellessco LLC

Ventura, CA


Corona, CA

Carmin Industries

Jacksonville, AL

Lasher Sport

Anchorage, AK

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen™

San Francisco, CA

Didrick Medical

Naples, FL


Kansas City, MO

Los Angeles, CA


Provo, UT

RonWear Port-able Clothing®

Beachwood, OH

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Brooklyn, NY


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Show your Caretaker Some Love with Taylor Made Homecare

Taylor Made Homecare is an invaluable resource for anyone experiencing medical challenges.   It is located in Willoughby, Ohio, is locally owned and provides non-medical private duty home care services.  They provide care and assistance for seniors, after surgery care, expectant mothers on bed rest, Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. They also provide respite care for family caregivers.

They service Lake, Geauga, and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties in Northeast Ohio and have a management team member  on call during non-office hours.

Take down their number and put it on speed dial 440-946-6446!

Taylor Made Home Care does things differently and thats “all good”!  They are not a franchise.  They work with families to customize a plan that meets their specific needs.  And all their caregivers are screened, bonded and insured. They do free in home assessments, have no minimum weekly hours.

Anyone who has a serious illness knows how hard it can be on their caretakers as well.  I know my wife Susan could not have done it without a little help from an like Taylor Made.

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I Am a Survivor!

Happy Days…My Granddaughters 16th Birthday

Little did I know when I started working with Deb Stanzak, the founder of      RonWear, I would become one of the companies must passionate users. My name is Bill Smith and I am the COO of RonWear. I am a cancer survivor- 1 year and two months strong!

When I was diagnosed with lung cancer I was give a 30 percent chance of survival. It hit me and hit me hard. I was in denial. We were knee deep in finalizing the business plan for RonWear and just starting to seek investors. I didn’t have time to be sick. But I was.

Thanks to the great doctors ar Dana Farber (tops in lung cancer) and the Cleveland Clinic, I started an aggressive regiment of chemotherapy and radiation, followed by surgery and then more treatments, which saved my life.

Shortly after surgery

My first visit to the treatment room was shocking. Out of necessity the rooms are very cold and I had been warned of this so I wore our treatment wear. For the first time I really began to understand what I had been promoting during our startup marketing. Warmth, dignity,ease of treatment…..they weren’t just words in a brochure but a reality.

The sicker I got from the treatments the worse I felt and the worse I looked. I’d get up every morning to head down to the Clinic in my RonWear. Doctors, nurses, aids, greeters would tell me how good I looked….casual sporty, like I just got back from a walk or run and it would lift my spirits. Yeah, I’m a guy but I’ve always taken pride in the way I look and dress. Just looking normal gave me a better outlook. Often on our trip home my wife would drag me to a reasturant trying to add weight to my 6 ft frame and I felt like I fit in…that I wasn’t different.

Although my treatments are over, I still wear my treatment clothing.  It’s a reminder of where I’ve been and also a reminder of where I am going…